Sunday, 13 November 2016

5th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Adrift by David Myers

Basking in the relaxed, convivial setting

Adrift by David Myers offers an upbeat and enthralling dining experience in a convivial setting. The name ‘Adrift’ connotes to go with the flow, which is befitting of its relaxed, chic setting. 

Hubby, Thomas and I celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary

The concept is started by celebrity chef, David Myers who hails from Boston. Other than Adrift at Marina Bay Sands, Chef David owns several restaurants in Japan.

The sleek interior

Adrift's interior boasts a Ginza-inspired cocktail bar, large transparent glass windows revealing an outdoor garden, private room with a vintage feel and seats resembling an outdoor bench.

At the cocktail bar area

A vibrant take on the contemporary izakaya, the menu focuses on Californian produce with Asian influence. The cuisine is inspired by Chef David's culinary experiences and travels around the world. consisting of mainly of small plates, healthy salads, seafood and meats grilled over bincho charcoal on a traditional robata grill. You can also go for the Omakase dinner where the chef will curate a special menu for you with premium ingredients.

Another shot of the interior

My hubby and I were happy to celebrate our 5th anniversary at Adrift on 11 November 2016. We selected the Timeless set menu showcasing signature creations of Adrift. Service was excellent and every dish was flawlessly executed.

Rice crackers with yuzukosho aioli

Before our meal started, rice crackers were served with yuzukosho aioli, a Japanese sauce made using chilli peppers, yuzu peel and salt. The crackers were very appetising and helped to pique our appetites prior to commencement of the dinner.

Japanese big eye tuna sashimi

The first course was the Japanese big eye tuna sashimi which was enhanced with myoga (a type of Japanese ginger), sesame leaf and tofu purée. The sashimi was very fresh and the marriage of different flavours, created a burst of delight in every mouthful.

The vitamin -packed baby spinach salad was equally tasty with hoshimeiji mushrooms, hazelnuts and truffle pecorino. The hazelnuts added a crunchy texture while the truffle pecorino gave it a refreshing earthy aroma and taste.

King crab melt

The king crab melt was the star dish for the evening. The tasty chunks of crabmeat and pimento cheese were sandwiched between crispy toast and topped with deep-fried Alaskan king crab.

Suzuki fish

The suzuki fish was drizzled wth a rich lemongrass butter, imparting a familiar Thai flavour to the taste buds. The taste was quite intriguing although I think the preparation method would have tasted even better if seabass or halibut was used.

Iberican pork chop

For the main course, we had the Iberican pork chop which was succulent and flavourful. The accompaniments, salted plum and sweet potatoes provided a contrast of sweet and savoury flavours. 

Rose parfait

The dessert was a bowl filled with passion consisting of refreshing rose parfait with crunchy coco mochi and cool, zesty raspberry sorbet, refreshing our taste buds. The rose parfait was smooth and creamy with a subtle, gentle taste of rose, accentuated with the chewiness of the coco mochi.

Caramel French toast

The finale dish for the evening was the French toast steeped in a rich, sinfully delicious caramel sauce. Coffee sauce was added to give it the extra flavour and oomph. This was our surprise anniversary dessert which was presented by the Adrift team. A complimentary glass of sparkling rosé was also served to accompany our desserts. We were really impressed with the thoughtfulness of the service staff.

Hubby and baby, André Aaron

Overall, our dining experience was fantastic. Service was top-notch and food was an interesting mix of hearty ingredients, showcasing the culinary dexterity of the culinary team. Thank you to General Manager, Gibran, wine sommelier, Dean and staff April and Chris for making our evening such a memorable one.

The entrance

Adrift by David Myers is located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby, Tower 2. The restaurant is open from 12pm to 2.30pm on Monday to Friday and from 6pm to 12pm on Sunday to Thursday and 6pm to 1am on Friday and Saturday. The Timeless Set Menu is priced at $88++ per person.

For reservations, please call +65 6688 5657 or visit here.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Singapore Restaurant Week - Indulgent Dining Experience at Aura

The beautiful interior

Aura, located at the iconic National Gallery is the latest addition to the IL Lido group. It is also one of the Italian restaurants which made it to the 2016 MICHELIN Guide,  The décor is vibrant and elegant and is accentuated by rich hues of polished brass and bronze. The ambience is chic, yet not overly intimidating.The restaurant seats up to 90 diners while the rooftop sky lounge accommodates over 200 people. It offers a panoramic view of the Marina Bay skyline and Singapore's iconic landmarks.

The interior of the Sky Lounge

Baby André Aaron having a good time

 Using the freshest produce from Italy, the menu offers contemporary interpretation of classic Italian cuisine. Drawing inspiration from time-honoured homely recipes from Italy, you can taste the wholesomeness and authenticity in every single dish. 

I took the opportunity to try the restaurant with my family during Singapore Restaurant Week (22 to 30 Oct). The dining experience was sublime, every dish was a culinary masterpiece, delighting my senses.

Hokkaido scallop carpaccio with passion fruit and salmon roe

Our gourmet experience started with the Hokkaido scallop carpaccio with passion fruit and salmon roe. The ingredients were creatively assembled on the plate like a beautiful art piece. The marriage of the various ingredients created a burst of flavours, textures and sensations. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients in every bite.

Trofie with crab and avruga caviar

The trofie with crab and avruga caviar was tasty but would have been better if more crab was added. The portion was also a little small.

Black cod with romanesco and sea urchin sauce

The main highlight of the meal was probably the main course – black cod with romanesco and sea urchin sauce. The black cod was deftly executed and was steeped in a creamy and flavourful sauce made of romanesco (the Roman cauliflower) and sea urchin. The skin of the cod was also crispy, providing a lovely contrast to the soft texture of the fish. The only setback was that the skin was a tad too salty.

Chocolate praline bar with milk pudding 

The dessert -chocolate praline bar with milk pudding was another delicate work of art. Perfect for chocoholics, the decadent rich taste permeated my taste bud, melting instantly into my mouth.  Chamomile tea with honey concluded our gastronomic experience on a sensational note.

Another shot of the Sky Lounge interior

During Singapore Restaurant Week, the 4-course set lunch menu was priced at an unbeatable price of $40++ per person.

Enjoying my meal

The entrance

For more information of Aura or to make reservations, please call 6866 1977, email or visit here.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Singapore Restaurant Week- Review of Salt Grill and Sky Bar

Relishing Evergreen Cocktail

Salt Grill & Sky Bar, an Australian restaurant and bar located on levels 55 and 56 of ION Orchard offers one of the most spectacular views of Singapore’s fashionable shopping belt, Orchard Road. The concept of the restaurant was started by one of Australia’s leading chefs and restaurateur, Luke Mangan. The cuisine is simple and tasty using natural ingredients, showcasing the best of Australian produce. 

The lovely table setting

The setting is chic and relaxed, exuding understated elegance. I have been to the restaurant twice and was charmed by the beautiful ambience, therefore, I decided to dine again a third time during Singapore Restaurant Week with my one-year baby boy, André Aaron. 

The refreshing Evergreen Cocktail

Before the meal, I had the Mocktail of the Week - Evergreen which was a revitalising concoction of mint leaves, lycee fruit, lychee juice and lemon juice with citrus notes.

Glass Sydney crab omelette with enoki mushroom and herb salad in a miso mustard broth

Our gastronomic journey commenced with one of the restaurant’s signature starter, glass Sydney crab omelette with enoki mushroom and herb salad in a miso mustard broth. It is a simple appetiser which delivered satisfaction in every bite. Fine strips of crabmeat were enveloped in a fluffy egg omelette which had a smooth consistency and a melt-in-your mouth texture. The miso mustard broth was light and savoury, imparting a familiar Japanese flavour to the omelette while the enoki mushrooms embellised the dish visually.

Pan-fried snapper, pearl barley risotto, coconut, spring onion

The main course pan-fried snapper sitting atop a bed of barley risotto, coconut and spring onion was well-executed. The skin of the snapper was crisp, a delightful contrast to the soft texture of the fish. I like the fact that pearl barley was used instead of the traditional risotto as it adds a nutty texture and a unique twist to the meal. The best part is that it is high in fibre and low in carbs and fats. Perfect for the health conscious!

Azelia chocolate chantily, soya milk pudding, cocoa soil and raspberry gel

The azelia chocolate chantily, soya milk pudding, cocoa soil and raspberry gel concluded our meal on a sweet note. This dessert scores on presentation but did not leave much impression in the taste department. I like the soft, firm texture of the soya milk pudding and the cocoa soil which gave it a crunchy texture. The raspberry gel had a refreshing taste helping to refresh the palate and added a tangy flavour to the dessert. However, the chocolate chantily was pretty ordinary. 

Overall, Salt Grill & Sky Bar offers decent, wholesome food which is pleasant in taste but not mind-blowing. However, the stunning view and stylish setting make it worth a second visit. During Singapore Restaurant Week, the 3-course set lunch is priced at $40++.

Baby André Aaron enjoying his experience

The chic interior

Salt Grill & Sky Bar is located on levels 55 and 56 of ION Orchard. 

The entrance

For more information on the Singapore Restaurant Week Promotion, please visit here
For  more information on Salt Grill & Sky Bar, click here.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hearty Italian Fusion Cuisine at Blend It Up

Love this pizza margherita

Blend It Up is a new restaurant helmed by Celebrity Chef, Peter Neo. A veteran in the culinary scene with 35 years of culinary experience, he specialises in Italian fusion cuisine with an Asian twist. The name Blend It Up suggests a creative combination of local, Asian and Western ingredients combined with Italian cooking style to create innovative dishes. The restaurant also uses fresh quality ingredients, blending their natural goodness to create unique flavours.

With Celebrity Chef, Peter Neo

Chef Peter had his humble beginnings starting his career at a hawker stall before becoming an apprentice in a hotel. Over the years, he has honed his skills at Raffles Hotel and has also travelled to Italy to learn the art of Italian cooking from his friend. Affable, bubbly and down-to-earth, Chef Peter has been featured on numerous radio and television programmes and has been invited to showcase his culinary prowess at food demonstrations and cooking workshops.

Chef Peter is known for his creativity and his passion in satisfying the taste buds of discerning diners with his bold and adventurous creations.

Whole grilled squid

For starters, I like the whole grilled squid ($18) which was seasoned with a homemade blend of mixed herbs, paprika, crushed black pepper and basil, topped with fresh diced tomatoes and glazed with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of lemon.  It was succulent, flavourful and gratifying to the last bite.

Prosciutto e melone

The prosciutto e melone (rock melon wrapped with Parma ham -$18) was a palate pleaser topped with fresh greens and cherry tomatoes.

Wild mushroom soup

Using only the freshest mushrooms, the wild mushroom soup ($10) was filled with earthy flavours oozing heartiness in every mouthful.

For pastas, my favourites are the spaghetti vongole ($18) and linguine al cartoccio ($19). The spaghetti vongole was cooked with fresh clams, garlic, olive oil, chillies and parsley in a white wine sauce. The clams were luscious and the freshness can be tasted with every bite while the spaghetti was al dente. The sauce was also delicious although I could not taste the chilli when I tried it during the tasting session. The culinary team was also very generous with the clams.

Linguine al cartoccio

The linguine al cartoccio was cooked with prawns, mussels, clams and squid and abounds with the rich flavours of the sea. It was cooked in a parchment paper to fully absorb the flavour of the sauce and the ingredients.

Pizza margherita

The pizza margherita ($16) was delightful and tangy with a thin, crispy crust. The sunny side up perched atop the tomato and mozzarella cheese filling made it simply heavenly.

Chef's Special BBQ Honey Baby Pork Rib

The Chef’s special BBQ honey baby pork rib ($26) is not something that one would find in an Italian restaurant. Chef Peter Neo’s rendition is sweet, savoury with a hint of smokiness and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. The delectable ribs were served with homemade coleslaw and shoestring fries.

Black sesame lava cake

Desserts were quite unusual and I was completed swooned by the black sesame lava cake ($13) accompanied with vanilla ice cream.

Yummy black sesame lava cake

The black sesame lava oozing out of the cake tasted similar to the Asian black sesame soup dessert. It was not as rich as the quintessential chocolate lava cake but was equally mouth-watering. I was tempted to try the durian lava and chocolate lava cake but there was no more room in my stomach. I will definitely be back to try the other interesting creations.

Celebrity Chef, Peter Neo shows you the steps of making Spaghetti Vongole

Celebrity Chef, Peter Neo shares the secrets of a good Spaghetti Vongole

Blend It Up is a restaurant to go if you are looking for hearty and affordably priced Italian fusion comfort food. Ambience is cosy and frills-free and is ideal for a casual gathering with your family and loved ones.

With Agnes and baby André Aaron

The restaurant is located at 325 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Quemoy Building, Singapore 534946. For reservations, please call 6281 2688 or email Alternatively, please visit here.

The entrance

Thank you Agnes and Blend It Up for the invite.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Skyve Wine Bistro Introduces New À La Carte Menu with Vegan and Gluten-Free Delights

Feeling relaxed in the cosy setting

Nestled within the old Monk’s Hill Secondary school and just a stone’s throw away from Orchard Road, Skyve Wine Bistro provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The name Skyve is a clever pun on the word ‘skive’ (which means to escape from work). 

The interior

Skyve’s ambience is casual and relaxed, making it a haven for chilling out. The names of the food items on the menu instantly puts me in a relaxed mood with notable ones such as the sleeping oysters, the dilly dally appetisers and the languid main course.

Skyve has recently launched a new à la carte menu comprising some gluten-free and vegan options which do not compromise on taste.

The Sleeping Oysters Gaucho and Ume Uni oysters ($36 for half dozen for Ume Uni)

I don’t normally take oysters, but I must say that the Ume Uni oysters are palatable. The sweetness of the Japanese plum and the salty flavours of sea urchin gastrique provide a unique combination which is very refreshing and appetising. I am pleasantly surprised. Slide the entire oyster in your mouth and enjoy the delightful burst of sea flavours with a hint of sweetness.

Uni Spaghettini ($22 for appetiser portion, $38 fr main course portion)

This is one of the most interesting and unique pastas I have tried. With influence from Japan , this is prepared with aburi uni (sea urchin), aburi kazunoko (herring roe) and uni preserves and accentuated with seaweed caviar. It has a distinct umami flavour which is light on the palate and pleasant to the senses.

Soft Shell Crab Amandine ($22)

What I like about this is the skin of the soft shell crab. It is battered in semolina flour, resulting in a crispy exterior and a succulent interior. The yuzu wasabi dressing is also very tantalising, helping to whet my appetite for the main course.

Shoyu Saba ($22)

Diners who are looking for gluten free meals can opt for the shoyu saba (mackerel fillet with crispy root vegetables). 

Daizu portobello burger ($34)

Skyve also has other vegetarian and gluten free options including the daizu portobello burger which is 100% vegetarian and misozuke cod which is 100% gluten free. The former is a burger which is prepared with grilled portobello, spinach, fried tofu, tempeh, Kaiser brioche bun, finished off with a signature Marie Rose sauce and accompanied with truffle fries. 

Misozuke cod ($42)

My favourite is the misozuke cod masterfully prepared with bacon miso corn succotash and accented with red fruit gastrique and scallion. The smoky bacon is beautifully combined with corn which gives it a harmonious balance of sweet and savoury flavours.

Sous vide Hibachi pork ($38++)

The sous vide Hibachi pork is another recommendation. The pork is chargrilled to perfection spiced with a trio of togarashi and accompanied with savoury crackling pork skin, wilted spinach and hearty barley risotto.

Sweet Indulgence Platter ($25)

I have always had an affinity for desserts. Skyve believes in creating sweet treats for every need. The Prefect’s chocolate pudding ($12) is vegan friendly and gluten-free and is meticulously crafted with bananas and avocados and topped with a crunchy oat crumble. The Tarte Au Potiron with a spicy cayenne crème fraiche and crushed speculoos is an interesting twist to the traditional pumpkin pie. 

For those who want to try a bit of everything, you can go for the sweet indulgence platter which offers tiramisu, lime semifreddo, chocolate pudding, pumpkin pie and snicker bar in bite sizes. A rapturous selection of delish treats which concludes the dining experience on a wonderful note.

Skyve Wine Bistro also has a daily weekday 3-course set lunch which is priced from $36++ onwards.

Very satisfied with the Doraemon balloon sculpture

On Thursday evenings, there will be a balloonist cum magician to entertain the diners in the evenings. 
With my family

With restauranteur, Ms Celine Tan 

At the bar counter

The swing in the garden outside Skyve Wine Bistro

Overall, Skyve Wine Bistro is a fabulous place to unwind and indulge in a good meal.  The bistro is located at 10 Windstedt Road, Singapore 227977
For reservations, please call 6225 6690 or visit here.